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Brian Tarquin's Guitar Trax Radio Show on NPR

Brian Tarquin’s Guitar Trax Radio Show on NPR

Brian has a weekly NPR radio show called Guitar Trax on WFIT 89.5FM on the Florida Space Coast, which can be streamed on www.wfit.org. He spins the best guitar instrumental music and hosts in depth interviews with world-renowned guitarists every Monday night from 10pm-Midnight (ET).

Check out the interviews on Spotify Podcast

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In 2023 Tarquin released the extraordinary album entitled “Brothers In Arms” featuring such iconic musicians as Joe Satriani, Vinnie Moore (UFO), Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal (Guns N’ Roses), Alex De Rosso (Dokken), Travis Stever (Coheed & Cambria), Jeff Duncan (Armored Saint), Johannes Weik (Son of a Bach), Gerald Gradwohl (Tangerine Dream), Chris Haskett (Henry Rollins Band), The Budapest Orchestra. The Album topped the metal radio charts peaking #7 on the NACC Loud Rock charts and #11 on the Metal Contraband charts. Brian Tarquin, a one-man army, composed, produced and performed all guitar melodies, solos, bass, rhythm guitars and used session drummer Reggie Pryor. The album features exclusive songs inspired by those military soldiers who have fought for their country. Read more.

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“Brian Tarquin is a very good guitar player, the ‘Godfather of Fusion’ gives him an A plus.”

Larry Coryell

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Lofi music of Asphalt Jungle & Brian Tarquin

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