“Brian Tarquin is a very good guitar player, the ‘Godfather of Fusion’ gives him an A plus.”
Larry Coryell

“I got involved with Brian because he was making music for good causes…he is a great guy to work with and is very versatile at all parts of this music business.”

Steve Morse (Deep Purple)


“I had a blast playing bass on Black Hawk! It’s a cool riff that pushes the song into a slick overdrive. Nice!”

Billy Sheehan


“It was great to be given the opportunity to be featured on Solidarity, and the finished track worked really well with the Rhodes”

Max Middleton (Jeff Beck)


“A supreme maestro of the Gold Top and Marshall Stack, an exquisite journey fueled by steel and wood, glowing hot tubes and celestial speakers being pushed to their limit and beyond… mountains of emotion and heartfelt notes, singing their way deep into the listener’s soul….”

Hal Lindes (Dire Straits)

“…while Brian can play with speed of Steve Vai, he can play with the kind of grace and melody someone like Jeff Beck is known for.”
Tape Op Magazine


“Brian Tarquin is not only a guitar shredder of the highest order, he’s also a great producer…the tunes and performances are first rate.”

Progression Magazine


“Every note, phrase, tone color, and impact of pick and/or finger on string will send shivers down your spine. You’d have to be dead or deaf not to be moved by the beautiful noises you’ll hear.”

Guitar Player Magazine