Soundtracks II

Brian Tarquin

1.Rock The Nation (featured on The Mentalist) 03:44 buy track 2.Pegasus (featured on National Lampoon's Repli-Kate) 03:18 3.Last Kiss Goodbye (featured on The Steve Harvey Show) 04:35 4.Crooklyn (featured on The Real World-Austin) 05:18 5.What It Is Remaster (featured on Models Inc) 03:03 6.Red Dragon (featured on MTV Punk'd) 04:35 7.The Connection (featured on Ressurection Blvd) 01:53 8.Dreams (featured on Melrose Place) 03:16 9.Urban Tales (featured on All My Children) 03:19 10.Athena (featured on Jerseylicious) 05:53 11.Winter Remaster (featured on Guiding Light) 03:39 12.Flight Of Plato (featured on Making The Band Season 1) 03:51 13.Hip Hop Serenade Remaster (featured on General Hospital) 04:59 14.Camaflauge (The First 20 Million Is Always The Hardest) 01:02 15.Distant Heart (featured on WWF Tough Enough) 04:33

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