Soundtracks I

Brian Tarquin

1.Cobra (featured on MTV Punk'd) 04:30 2.Hallelujah (featured on Grandfathers Documentary) 05:37 3.Wha Da Ding (featrued on Malcolm In The Middle) 02:48 4.The Heat (featured on Pawn Stars) 02:54 5.Led Head (featured on Speed Racer) 05:34 6.California Summer (featured on The Watcher) 04:53 7.Gargoyles (featured on The Glades) 06:01 8.Moon Daze (featured on Ressurection Blvd) 02:44 9.The Hills Remix (featured on Beverley Hills 90210) 03:52 10.Midnight Blue (featured on All My Children) 04:49 11.Foxxy (featured on Making The Band Season 1) 04:57 12.Rainfall (featured on Mike's Hard Lemonade) 04:46 13.Tekken (MTV Road Rules Theme Season 8) 04:39 14.Switch Remix (featured on Felicity) 03:11 15.What Da Funk (The First 20 Million Is Always The Hardest) 01:42

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