Brian Tarquin Collection

Brian Tarquin

What makes this the right time for a compilation release from contemporary jazz master Brian Tarquin? Actually, anytime is right for getting a group of timeless tracks such as these together, but the stars seem to have aligned just so to make these 14 classics converge now. 1.One Arabian Knight 04:47 2.Darlin Darlin Baby 03:29 3.Arrow of Truth 03:47 4.Freeway Jam 04:43 5.Riders of the Storm 04:26 6.Achilles 04:09 7.Razor's Edge 04:03 8.Lately 04:04 9.Tangled Web 04:04 10.Ghost Dance 04:21 11.Vampirella 05:05 12.Greek Fire 04:47 13.Solidarity 04:04 14.Yorkville 04:42