Band of Brothers

Brian Tarquin

Award Winning Guitarist Brian Tarquin's “Band of Brothers” Album to Benefit Veterans Featuring Steve Morse, Trey Gunn, Bumblefoot, Jeff Scott Soto, Gary Hoey, Jeff Watson, Tony Franklin and others! 1.Eastern Front featuring Joel Hoekstra 04:31 2.Pull The Trigger On PTSD featuring Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal 03:21 3.War Is Strictly Business featuring Jeff Watson 03:31 4.Sands of Time featuring Jeff Scott Soto 03:22 5.To Fight A War I Don't Understand featuring Tina Guo 04:23 6.Night Patrol featuring Steve Morse 03:27 7.Lock & Loaded featuring Gary Hoey 04:28 8.Clutches of Vietnam featuring Phil Naro 03:01 9.Love & War featuring Tony Franklin 03:35 10.Alpha Bravo featuring Trey Gunn 04:50

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